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Where do we go after little league?

This site is intended to help parents of young baseball players figure out what to do when their son or daughter is finished playing little league and wants to keep playing baseball. As one such parent, I found the choices very confusing. I heard terms like "select", "pony", "babe ruth", "legion", and many others. But there was no one place I could go to and learn what my choices were.

Like most parents before me, I tried to figure it out as best I could. I talked to friends with older kids who had already gone through it. I spoke with long-time little league coaches to get their guidance. I eventually ran across web sites which provided a little bit of information. But I was still faced with more questions than answers.

Eventually I had to just take the plunge with my son, hoping to learn more as we went. In talking with other parents, I found that I was not the only one in this predicament. So I decided to put this site together in the hopes that others could learn from my experiences and maybe have an easier time navigating the baseball world, After Little League.

One of the biggest challenges is searching the web for relevant information about the youth baseball world. To help with this, I've setup a custom search engine which focuses on sites that have the best information.

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